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Guide pricing for 2023 & 2024


Pricing of blooms is a difficult thing and unfortunately I cannot price your wedding exactly as prices fluctuate weekly but if you let me know your budget in the enquiry form I will give you an estimate of cost and what it may include.

The final price will really depend on what you choose for the day, the types of florals, size of arrangements, the market cost of the flowers at that time, hours of work required to create the above etc.

Hardware such as vases, centerpiece vessels, candlestick holders, lanterns, urns can be hired out to create your dream wedding setting.

A typical wedding budget with me is usually anything from €1,500 - €4,000/€5,000+. This is just a guide, each wedding is different and as I mention above, you tell me your budget, what you're interested in and I'll send you a proposal. 

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photo credit: Kate Bean Photography

Bridal Bouquets

from €150+

Ceremony Pieces

Small from €120++

Bridesmaid Bouquets

from €120+

Flower Arch

from €800++


from €20+

Venue Centerpieces

from €100++

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